5 reasons we’re all here for RIVERDALE (and why your inner Kween needs to binge it stat!!)

5 reasons we’re all here for RIVERDALE (and why your inner Kween needs to binge it stat!!)

5. It’s a modern-day Archie comic played out on the small screen and though (like me) it may have taken you till the end of the first episode to figure that out, who doesn’t love a remake-of-sorts? Especially when it looks this damn good.



4. Thanks to the hot AF Veronica played by Camila Mendes, we’re gettin’ those Gossip-Girl-Queen- B vibes all over again.



Though we all know there’s only one Chuck Bass!


3. (Why hello) Ben from Friends! Yep, Ross’s son is all grown up and looking fiiiiiiine.



Let’s just hope Jughead and Betty never go on ‘a break’! #CoupleGoals


2. Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald AKA Dylan McKay and Samantha Baker/Claire Standish/Andie Walsh for those old-school feels.


a0d20462e42b5641358c9756f7a77781--beverly-hills--jason-priestley molly-ringwald-pretty-in-pink1

Yes, it’s official, Archie has the coolest parents EVER!

1. And speaking of Archie Andrews, can we take a moment to forget that dodgy dye job and focus on that six-pack! Yaaaaaaas Kween!!



Now, who’s ready to #NetflixAndChill

Introducing Carmela Contarino, the #PowerKween behind ‘So The Fairy Tales Lied…’ 👸🏻♥️✨

Carmela is an Aussie in London with wanderlust. A TV/Radio rebel. Fierce feminist. Loud laugh-er. Emotional eat-er. Pop culture cat. Red wine wooer and karaoke kween. She hopes that her experiences are just like yours, funny, warm, loud, raw and that maybe you can figure out this thing called ‘life’ together. #YasssKween 🙌🏼

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